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Todd Gessele
Board Chairman
 Todd Gessele is a people connector and producer: an international deal maker (INSPIRED Project Funding—10M to 6B+), an experienced executive producer/director (40+ countries), and certified Project Management Professional (PMP 2007). He owns Totally INSPIRED Media INC. He's multi-camera executive director/TD, live event designer, digital illustrator, and social media pioneer who developed strategic cross-cultural training tools in 40 languages.
His work as a marketer, institutional promoter/historian, and fundraiser for faith-based healthcare (Adventist Health & Loma Linda University Medical Center—Murrieta) and Christian education systems (k-university) has been pivotal in advancing recruiting goals and launching major business developments. Todd helped launch the "due diligence" process to build a new doctor-owned medical center, raised funds for a community health van​, won a $25,000 contest for a new academy touring bus, profiled new hospitalists and long-time physicians, and creatively revealed to the public an innovative "Health and Healing Garden"​ therapy space in behavioral health. His work attracted 100K+ worth of support to start a suicide prevention program in Arctic villages and raised $150K to repair an Alaska summer camp.
Todd enjoys cross-organizational collaboration, volunteer engagement, preparing multimedia presentations, capital campaigns, donor care & development, grant writing, social media messaging, and direct mail.
He has worked as an international CEO, special event venue designer, charity consultant and project leader for software development. We are glad to have him be apart of the changing the world inc team.
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