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Empowerment Campus

We are in the due diligence process of purchasing an old boarding school campus located within 25 miles of Portland, Oregon in Washington County. The 200+ acre campus with 150,000+ sq. ft. of buildings with 65 furnished turnkey rooms with 73 more which need remodeling. Currently there are only three usable buildings: The administration building, the girls' dorm, and the industrial arts building.


These buildings will be used to shelter, train, and empower our target homeless and at-risk of being homeless groups: 

  • Victims of domestic violence

  • Veterans

  • At risk youth


Each of these groups have unique needs and sensitivities that we and our partnering organizations intend to use to empower those we shelter. We have begun our capital campaign to raise enough money to purchase and repurpose the campus.


First priority is to repair the boys' dorm. 70% of the American homeless population are men. For this reason, repairing the men's' dorm is a high priority.

Next we will repairing the minor damage to the industrial arts building so practical skills like automotive repair, welding, and RV repair can be taught.


The gymnasium, which has suffered extreme damage and will require over a million dollars to repair. We feel it is worth the expense to have a place for our community to connect, fundraise, hold conferences, play games like basketball, and perform evenings of theater.

Last is the science building. The science building has sustained the most damage and will need to be either torn down and rebuilt.

We will be putting in housing for homeless families. Our goal is to keep families together and avoid them being split up.

The Empowerment Campus will provide:

  • Dormitory-style shelter

  • Counseling

  • Education

  • Job training / placement

  • Health care services

  • Transportation

We will be looking to hire:

  • Teachers

  • Counselors

  • Security guards

  • Grounds keepers

  • Bus or van drivers

  • Maintenance workers

  • Contractors

  • House coordinators

  • House keepers

  • Cooks and kitchen staff

I hope this helps with a better understanding of what our goals are with this new endeavor. Feel free to ask any questions. We will officially post jobs once the purchase of the property is final.


There is a rural community in Washington County without a public park, local camping opportunities, or hiking trails from the valley floor into the foothills. We wish to acquire for the state 25.5 acres of parkland to preserve the valley beauty and wildlife habitat, to provide campsites and hiking paths. We will employ clients we are sheltering and caring for at Changing the World Inc's Empowering People Campus to build the trails and campsites for the community.

Changing the World INC aims to purchase, acquire and repurpose the main campus of an old boarding school to provide 67+ dormitory style/duel occupancy rooms to shelter victims of domestic abuse and land around it (151 Acres), of which we'd like to make 25.5 acres into a park with hiking trails and camp spots, if county zoning will accommodate such a proposed use.

Empowerment Parkland


Survival Packs

In an effort to give a boost to those in our society who are most in need, we are putting together survival packs for the homeless. They contain: a Bible, toothpaste, toothbrush, CTW pens, baby wipes, hair comb, bar soap, unscented men's deodorant, a nail clipper kit, 8 flossing sticks, 15 Q-tips, multivitimin, 50ft. twine, a tarp, chapstick, dry shampoo, ziplock bags, a tote bag, CTW sticker, and 2 note pads. We send out these packs to be distributed to various homeless populations. Due to Covid-19, we at CTW feel the need to help homeless people stay safe by providing them with hygiene products that will reduce their risk of infection. 


Shower Truck

We have secured the use of a shower truck to bring to homeless camps. We will be able to bring showers to homeless camps which is much needed during this COVID-19 pandemic. At this time we need a volunteer with a CDL license to drive it. Please contact us if you can help.



Homes for Victims of Domestic Abuse

We are in the process of putting together two homes in  the Salem Oregon area for victims of domestic violence with ten beds each. 



Hand Warmers 

Many people don't have the luxury of having somewhere warm to be most of the time. This winter has been very cold, so we are handing out hand warmers to homeless people to help them stay warm. The hand warmers were generously donated to us by Lowe's Home Improvement for this purpose.


Let's Change The World Together

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