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Director of Operations
West Coast Division

My name is Evelyn and I am a RN BSN working in emergency medicine. I have a passion for helping others. I am married to a veteran of 24 years active duty in the Navy. I served as the ombudsman (liaison for the commanding officer/command, to the active duty members families) for 5 of our duty stations. I have a strong connection to vets and want to help them as much as possible. During my life, I have seen kids who could not afford to be involved in sports or other activities. I've watched the same kids go down a path of self-destruction. I seen how keeping kids active with sports or other activities can change for the better of the world they live in. Helping at-risk kids achieve a better life is very important to me. I've learned over my life that every little bit here and there can make a big difference. I look forward to making the difference in as many lives as I can.

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