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Heath Shamburg
Director of Operations
Overseas Division

I am passionate about finding the heart of God.

And in my search of being a man after God's own heart, I've found that He is passionate about people. Hungry people, not just physically hungry people, but spiritually hungry people. But just like Jesus, he turns five loaves and a few fishes into enough to feed thousands. Meet first the physical need before the spiritual.

That's why I am passionate about the feed Nepal campaign and other campaigns around the world.

They will not know what you know until they know how much you care.

4 year valedictorian bible college graduate with CSTI. (Christian Service Training institute ) 25 years in ministry as a youth pastor, assistant pastor, children’s church pastor, evangelist, and missionary. Smuggled bibles into China two separate years. Headed up “the Rock” A teen center in LA for over 5 years having such inspirational speaker like Denzel Washington. Zachery Taylor Thomas, Debbie Dunning, Hosting such Musical inspirations like Darel Mansfield, Philips Craig and Dean . Directed multiple musicals and plays , like the Great passion play, “savior” and others. Recently formed food and fellowship and help with substance abuse victims and rehabilitation. Certified Marrage counselor with AWCF (Apostolic World Christian Fellowship ) having completed “the 5 basic temperament classes in psychology. Related to ministry. 25 years building contractor in every field of construction. 5 years as a Nutritionalist, and physical fitness trainer. Culinary arts chef and cuisinier Have owed and operated over 8 business over 35 years. Certifications include. Small business management. HvaC Hazmat and facility management. Automotive repair. Electrical and plumbing certifications.

20+ years of ministry with youth and the young at heart.

2 separate years smuggling bible into China.

5 years ran a teen center called the Rock in Los Angeles for intercity youth.

Currently heading up a ministry team in the Philippines and Nepal.

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