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Lisa Marie Andrews Executive Director 

There is nothing more fulfilling in life than helping those in need, and I have enough experience with helping people to know that no matter how dire someone's situation may seem, there is always room for bit of kindness.


Sometimes, a little kindness is all it takes to change a situation for the better.


People are resilient. They can endure so much and come out the other side a stronger more caring individual and all it takes is for someone to show them that first little bit of kindness.


That is why I helped to create Changing The World, Inc. So we can be that first bit of kindness that sets people on the path to a better situation. this is my way a business women of many years to give back and brighten the world. 

past, CEO of path brain balancing science and technology's 

Owner of Luxury Senior Care Homes in Salem, Oregon

Executive director of Gods Glow 2011-present

Independence Assisted Living 2002-present 

Real Estate Investor since 1994 over 27 years.


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